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Dr. Neal Barnard at the University of New England

As the official photographer for the Center for Global Humanities at UNE I am very fortunate to be on hand to document the yearly lecture series produced by the Center.  Some of the speakers in the past have included Noam Chomsky, Bill Mckibben and many other scholars and experts in their fields.  Recently Dr. Neal Barnard who is a clinical researcher, author and one America's leading advocates for health and nutrition was in Maine to do a lecture and a special reception at author Meg Wolff's residence.  Neal's message was pretty loud and clear about ways we can all eat healthier and gain benefits from doing so.  I think of myself as pretty food smart but there is always someting to learn and thanks to Neal I often question some of my choices.  If you do know about Neal his web site is worth a look here.

Neal is pictured with the Director for the Center for Global Humanities, Anouar Majid.  Anouar is holding a copy of the Portland Press Herald where an a full page ad was placed promoting Neal's Lecture.

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