Jeff Scher's Photo Blog


Ferry Beach Scarborough, Maine

The mosquitos were aweful and this fisherman could not take it any more... he was running back to his truck but the light was beautiful.  He would not let me pose him against the amazing sky but he did not mind if I chased him as he hurried to his vehicle, so I did. 


Recent work

VHB an engineering firm and regular client based in Watertown Massachusetts commissioned me to photograph their South Portland office staff for their web site.  The goal was to capture small teams of staff members that work together on projects and do this while minimally interupting the work flow during  a half day photoshoot.


Portland's changing Waterfront

There is a lot of new development happening in Portland right now, market rate rental properties, hotels and development along the working waterfront.  Two properties in particular show the changing and future face of Portland on the water, the Property on the Maine Wharf and the new home of Portland Yacht Services.  Today on a cold and blustery day lit by bright sunshine I captured a few snapshots of these properties. 


Cyclocross Racing in Portland

This was busy weeekend of cyclocross racing in the Portland area, there were races both Saturday and Sunday.  Saturday was in New Gloucester at Pinelands and Sunday in Portland on the Eastern Prom for the Casco Bay Cyclocross Race.  Of all of the photos I shot during the two days of races, this one captured at the very end of the weekend during the kids race kinda says it all.  This is where it all starts and allows kids to dream about the future or just have a great time with mom dad and other kids on two wheels. 


Courthouse as Terrain Park

Summer in the City of Portland as in most cities means there is a constant buzz of cyclists and skateboarders taking to the streets to do their thing.  Today as I was walking in the neighborhood of the Federal Courthouse in Portland about 20 cyclists on BMX bikes showed up to play on the granite steps and features.  It did not take long to grab a couple of great photos of these talented cyclists doing tricks with a beautful building as a backdrop.