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Courthouse as Terrain Park

Summer in the City of Portland as in most cities means there is a constant buzz of cyclists and skateboarders taking to the streets to do their thing.  Today as I was walking in the neighborhood of the Federal Courthouse in Portland about 20 cyclists on BMX bikes showed up to play on the granite steps and features.  It did not take long to grab a couple of great photos of these talented cyclists doing tricks with a beautful building as a backdrop.



Saint Josephs College of Maine Magazine Cover Spring 2014

My client just sent me this PDF as the magazine had just returned from the printers and has been shipped to their mailing list.  David Svenson the editor of the magazine is always a pleasure to work with and Sydney Mosher the subject was great during out photo shoot session. Many thanks to Alison Eads and Jeremey Bonnett for the use of their home, their excellent taste in music and ability to support the production of this cover image.


Corporate Portraits

One of the staples of my business is creating professional and good looking corporate head shots and environmental portraits for my clients.  I know time is precious in the work place and I specialize in bringing my minimal studio to the client to create onsite portraits efficiently. Working onsite provides minimal disruption to the work schedule of the executives and employess that I have been hired to photograph.  I work quickly and effectively to create the photographs that are needed for companies web sites, PR use and advertising.  If you have a project you would like to discuss, please contact me through my website contact link.


Alpina X Terrain Skis

As a photographer and outdoor enthusiast, the equipment I use is key to my success for a photographic assignment or a day of skiing in the woods or a combination of both.  I choose my equipment carefully and always thoughtfully.  I ask myself, how will this equipment perform under the many circumstances I will encounter?  I try to play out all the scenarios in my head before making a purchase. 

This has been a great season for alpine skiing for me, so far I have logged over a dozen days and the winter is not over yet.  In order to make my winter complete I usually like to get into the woods or backcountry for at least one trip per season.  For years I have owned dedicated telemark skis and backcountry touring skis with a waxless base.  I love the touring skis but their limitations on the more challenging terrain and adventures are their lightweight construction and very limited side cut for carving confident turns downhill on a variety of ever changing Eastern snow conditions. 

Last week I decided I needed to find some new skis that would bridge the gap between my telemark and touring skis.  On Friday with a quick stop at Allspeed Cyclery in Portland, I found exactly what I was looking for, the Aplina X Terrain Ski.  I wanted a backcountry ski with a waxless pattern for kicking and gliding on the rolling terrain and a ski wide and stable enough to plow through funky snow, float through powder and provide me with confidence when conditions got icy or crusty on the downhill.  I have not skied these skis yet, but from what I can tell this ski is going to provide me with the all around performance I am looking for.  The Aplina X Terrain is pretty wide in the shovel 110MM, has ample side cut, nice flex and an aggressive waxless pattern.  It may not be the fastest ski downhill but a nimble ski that can climb and carve efficiently will be a welcome addition to my ski collection.  Hopefully in the next two weeks I can report back from the field on how the skis performed.  For now I will be watching for the next snow storm system to roll into the Northeast and make my adventure possible.


Northeast Delta Dental Annual Report

I was recently hired by Visual Persuasion, LLC to photograph a cover image for Northeast Delta Dental's 2013 Annual Report Cover.  We photographed the cover at the University of New England's new College of Dental Medicine using real students from Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine, the states that NEDD provides dental coverage for.  Northeast Delta Dental has over 700,000 policy holders in these three states.